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American Whiskey Convention
Impact Award

New in 2020, the American Whiskey Convention has given our first Impact Awards to two very deserving master distillers.
Larry Ebersold and Greg Metze are veterans of Midwest Grain Products (MGP) in Lawrenceburg, Indiana and have over 90 years of combined distilling experience between them. Their impact upon the American craft distilling industry has been immeasurable in scope. With this award, we wish to thank them for their extensive contributions.

American Whiskey Convention Awards of Excellence

8 judges, each with excellent palates from unique industry backgrounds, taste all entries blindly. The lead judge gathers the independent scores and the group forms a consensus
on the award winners. Trophies are awarded on event night.


Winner of 2021 Whiskey Under 4 Years
Award of Excellence

Middle West Spirits' Straight Wheat Whiskey's trophy was accepted by Middle West Spirits' National Sales Manager, Victor F. Spotloe Jr.

The American Whiskey Convention places a great deal of importance on quality of product. Youth in a whiskey can highlight the skill of the distiller and the quality of the distillate. The "Under 4 Years" trophy awards the exceptional among the young American whiskeys.   


Winner of 2021 Judge's Choice Award

Director of Trade Advocacy and Innovation at The Cooper Spirits Company, Chad Solomon, accepted the 2021 Judge's Choice Award for Lock Stock and Barrel 20 Year Old Straight Rye Whiskey.

This award is given to the whiskey that stands out to the judges as their overall favorite. All judging is done by blind tasting, so this award is particularly desirable.   


Winner of 2021 Straight Bourbon Whiskey Award of Excellence

Beam Suntory's American Whiskey Ambassador, Tim Heuisler, accepted the award for 2021's Straight Bourbon Award of Excellence. Knob Creek 12 Year Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey stood out in a very well represented bourbon field! 



Winner of 2021 Straight Rye Whiskey
Award of Excellence

Middle West Spirits won two awards in 2021! The handblown glass trophy for 2019's Straight Rye Whiskey Award of Excellence went to Middle West Spirits' Dark Pumpernickel Straight Rye Whiskey and was accepted by Middle West Spirits' National Sales Manager, Victor F. Spotloe Jr.


Winner of 2021 American Small Grain Whiskey Award of Excellence

Heaven Hill's On Premise Area Manager, Tim Barling, accepted Mellow Corn Straight Corn Whiskey's award for 2021's American Small Grain Whiskey Awards of Excellence. 

Our judges are highly skilled and experienced samplers and the entries come from distilleries across the country- did we mention the tastings are blind? This whiskey, often considered "bottom shelf" stood out as unique and surprised them with the win!